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I would like to pay with an invoice and a payment slip, how do I do that?

We offer the payment method by invoice via our payment provider POWERPAY. eAmt assigns the claim to POWERPAY.

Is the digital extract from the debt collection register legally valid?

With the introduction of the eSchKG standard, the digital signature on the debt collection register extract has replaced yesterday's stamp from the responsible office. The validity of the signature remains the same.
The digital signature of the debt collection office is a qualified electronic signature. The signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

You can have the debt collection register extract checked at any time at

(You will receive the exact instructions together with your debt collection register extract by email).

Is eAmt a debt collection office?

No, we are not a debt collection office.

We are a service platform that standardises the ordering of the debt collection register extract for all debt collection offices in Switzerland. You can order directly for all places of residence (for the last 5 years) quickly and easily via our site.

Each political community of residence has its own debt collection office or debt collection district. (There are over 400 debt collection offices and districts throughout Switzerland).

Does my debt collection register extract list all my debts in Switzerland?

The extract from the debt collection register does not provide information on debt collection throughout Switzerland, but only from the requested place of residence.

Example: This means that if you have to provide an extract from the last 5 years and have lived in 3 different municipalities in the last 5 years, you would have to order a total of 3 extracts from the debt collection register. (One for each place of residence)

Transparency is important to us. What is the price for an extract from the debt collection register on

  • Official fees 17.-
  • Postage & Mailing debt collection register extract 1.-
The remaining amount will be used for:
  • Transaction fee expenses
  • Payment provider fees
  • Postage for invoice to eAmt
  • VAT
  • General costs to provide this service (maintenance of technology, staff, etc.)

Does eAmt have offices?

We are a digital and virtual company, at this stage we do not need offices.

What is eAmt?

eAmt is a Swiss company that orders statements and forms for its customers and sends them to them.

What is an extract from the debt collection register?

An extract from the debt collection register documents all debt collection proceedings, seizures and loss certificates that have been received in the past (last 5 years) up to the present day. The extract provides information on whether a debt collection has been disputed, paid or whether a debt seizure or certificate of loss has been issued. The extract includes 1 place of residence of the person or the head office of the company.

What are the advantages of ordering via eAmt?

  • You are independent of the opening hours of your debt collection office
  • Sustainable. You do not have to print application forms or ID/passport copies
  • We search for and find your responsible debt collection office
  • Processes are digitised
  • Personal support from our team
  • Done within 3 minutes, comfortably from home, on the way or from your office

What is eAmt's goal for its customers?

Time should be used more efficiently. Extracts from the debt collection register are delivered digitally (by email). is a Swiss start-up that pursues the vision of reducing physical presence at various offices by means of digital solutions and thus facilitating access to necessary documents or information. eAmt would like to expand its service in the next few years.

How secure is eAmt?

The basis of our activity is our reliability and discretion. All data is encrypted, secured and stored on Swiss servers.

Where are your servers?

Security is extremely important to us. Our servers are located exclusively in Switzerland.

Where is the request for an extract from the debt collection register made?

An extract from the debt collection register can be ordered from the responsible debt collection office of the place of residence / registered office.

Not every political municipality has its own debt collection office. This means that often several municipalities have joined together to form a debt collection district.

For data protection reasons, debt collection information is never provided by telephone.

Where do I need an excerpt from the debt collection register?

An extract from the debt collection register is often requested for the following matters:

  • Job search
  • Housing search
  • Credit applications
  • Credit card applications
  • Mortgage application
  • Larger orders on account
  • Car leasing

Legally, however, there is no obligation on the part of the person or company vis-à-vis or to a landlord to submit a extract from the debt collection register, because with the proof of interest in a flat, the landlord himself can request an extract from the debt collection register of the last place of residence.

It is nevertheless recommended to enclose an extract of debt collection register with an application.